We are De Ultimo Corredor kennel from Slovenia, a small country in Europe. We are a family who love dogs (Specially the dogos). They are like family members, they have a very special place in our hearts. Our dogs live in a great place and we try to make them feel comfortable and loved.
All our dogs have breeding licence, x-rays and dna tests. (Paper work is provided)
When we have available puppies we are searching for people, friends and family who will love dogs as we do. We try to help our costumers with good advice for best care and right way to raise these dogs.
If you are looking for life companion, protector, breeding dog or just best friend, we are the right location, kennel, breeder  for you.
Dogo argentino is the perfect life companion for all dog lovers.


1. Reservation

The first step is filling out the reservation form completely. Afterwards we will consider you as a potential future owner. You’ll hear from us and receive our confirmation that you are a right fit for our puppies.

2. Price, waiting list, reservation

After we receive the reservation form we will send you the price of a puppy. If we have available puppies, you can send us your deposit. If we do not have available puppies at the moment, you can get on our waiting list. This is only assurance for you that you will get a puppy and our assurance that you are a right person for our puppies. ( Deposits are non refundable) .
We accept Bank transfer and Paypal.

3. Choosing your puppy

We spent a lot of time with our puppies and in this time we know how they behave, thats why we can help you to pick a puppy of your needs and which puppy fits you the best or you can choose by yourself.

4. Vaccination and documents

The puppies get all vaccines, re-vaccine and rabbies vaccine. With 12 weeks they get the rabbies vaccine and after 3 weeks they can travel to your country.
Our puppies have complete documentation and top pedigree.
You get a passport with puppy but pedigree I send to address that you provide.

5. Shipping and payment

For shipping we use only secure pet transport agencies.
Which one will we chose depends on their availability and your location. At least 7 days before the shipping day the rest of money must be sent (the price for puppy and shipping), so we can book a dog transport in agency and flight on time. All is booked under your name. You can chose on which airport you want us to send your new dog.
When you come to airport to pick up dog you need a collar and leash because we are not allowed to use them when dogs are travelling. Do not forget to take the transportation box when you pick up your dog.
We love our dogs and we hope that they will have a positive experience with travelling, thats why we use only reliable agencies. They take good care of our dogs, they care that they have water and enough space. Long trips can be tiresome for the dog  but they will be very happy when you pick them up. We recommend for you to take your dog out as soon as possible because they have had  a long trip without going to the toilet.
When you and your dogo make it home, let them first adapt to you and new envirovment. Give them food and time to rest.
We ship only to countries and cities which allow the Dogo Argentina breed.

6. You have a new best friend

You need to be responsible and a good owner. Pour lots of love and time onto them. They are high energy dogs so they love walks and the outside. If you have any question about care, food, raising etc….we are here to help you. We would love to stay in contact with you.
When we decide to have puppies, we try to pick best combination. We use only the best dogos. For us it is very important that our dogs have: breeding license, x-rays, DNA tests, top pedigree, no health issues, good character, great shape, good on shows…
This characteristics we try to give our puppies. Hope you enjoy your new Dogo.


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de Ultimo Corredor


   Zlatko Kobale

   Topole 35, 3250 Rogaška Slatina, Slovenia

   00386/(0)40 897 299


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